We get it – your leather couch is the best. It sits as the focal point of your front room and draws guests in. It has a large role in the ambiance of your home, so instead of wondering what it’s doing for you, question whether you’re doing enough for your couch! Show your leather furniture some love be providing it with the care and cleaning service it needs. We’ve put together this guide to help you learn just how to do that:

Spills and Stains Are Easy to Remove With a ClothOld Dominion Chem-Dry Leather Cleaning

We understand what a nightmare many spills and stains could be on most synthetic fabrics. However, since leather is a more natural fabric that will age well when taken care of, it is easier to clean. Whether your teen spilled their soda or you dropped your coffee, your red leather couch isn’t in as much danger as you think!

For leather couches, most stains or spills are easily rectified with a clean, damp rag wiped repeatedly over the affected area. Make sure you avoid chemical-based cleaning products when you’re wiping down your couch. Products that do contain these types of detergents will actually damage your leather as you are cleaning spills, resulting in a long-term problem to what you thought was a short-term solution.

Leather Furniture Restoration

The longer you have your leather furniture, the more likely it is to receive a couple of nicks and scratches along the way. Old Dominion Chem-Dry’s certified technicians are trained to address many problems with leather. You can trust us to take the name to inspect your furniture and evaluate the best of our special pigmentation products to restore life to your leather. We are also trained in the revitalization of sensitive aniline leathers.

Keep Your Leather Looking Young, The Chem-Dry Way

If it’s been awhile since your cushions received a professional cleaning, you might want to consider meeting your couch with such an impressive lifespan halfway. If you aren’t actively protecting your leather sofa from pen marks and cat scratches, it will quickly deteriorate from marvelous to menacing. The Old Dominion Chem-Dry experts offer a gentle approach to leather cleaning and restoration that will still ensure the vibrancy and shine you expect from a leather service like ours. Contact us today to set up your appointment and get your furniture back in tip-top shape!