Home Cleaning Tips for a Stress-Free School Year-3School hasn’t been in session very long, but if you’re already feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone! Many parents have trouble keeping up with everything the school year brings: homework, permissions slips, homemade lunches, parent-teacher meetings, missing backpacks, soccer practice… the list goes on and on. The key to a stress-free school year is a clean and organized home, and luckily cleaning is our specialty. Here are our best back-to-school tips.

Implement a Quick After-School Cleaning Routine

With homework and extracurricular activities, it can seem like no one has time for chores. Unfortunately, it just takes more time to find things in a messy home, so the process repeats over and over, getting worse every day. To prevent this cycle, have everyone do a small chore routine immediately after school before they start anything else. Have your kids quickly pick up the family area, including putting shoes, backpacks, and other school items in the right spot. Then have them move on to their rooms and do a quick pickup. The key here is that this is a quick cleaning, and focuses on making sure items are in the right place so they can be found later.

Keep Illness at Bay With Spot Cleaning

Nothing is more stressful when everyone in your home is sick and you have lots of commitments. Keep your family healthy by killing germs. Everyday wipe down doorknobs, light switches, sink faucets, and anywhere else that gets touched regularly. Make sure that you are sanitizing the items your kids use often, such as uniforms and backpacks. Encourage your kids to wash their hands often as well, so that germs aren’t brought home in the first place. A clean home doesn’t guarantee that your family won’t get sick, but it does help!

Keep the Entryway Organized

One of the most common complaints from parents is that their kids lose everything. They mention the day of that they need a permission slip signed, and then it’s nowhere to be found. Prevent this by setting up a command center in your entryway or mudroom. Have a place for backpacks to hang up, to put papers that need to be signed and a separate place for papers that need to go back to school, and home for everything you child needs at school, such as a lunch box. Make sure that everything goes in the correct place. If you work to keep this area organized and your life will be much easier.

Have Someone Else Help With Major Cleaning

There are some major cleaning tasks that we know need to be done, but were just much too busy during the school year to accomplish. This includes things like cleaning the carpets, sanitizing the grout and tile and other big jobs. Putting these tasks can create a dirty environment, which is stressful, and can lead to the spread of germs and sickness. Instead of having to make time to do these big tasks yourself, you can hire a professional to clean for you. Old Dominion Chem-Dry is happy to help families in the Yorktown, Virginia area get clean floors and furniture so they can worry about the more important things in life.

There are many easy things that you can do to ensure that your home is cleaned and organized so that you can have a smoother school year. We wish you and your kids the best school year!