The Classic Battle: Kids & Pets vs. Your Carpets


We all know that having kids and/or pets means some things might get damaged once in a while. That, and your carpets will definitely undergo some real wear and tear. Let’s just try to minimize the damage and prevent whatever we can.


When you’re searching for the right carpet for your family, don’t be thinking too hard about color, brand, or style. Instead, focus on choosing a durable, highly resistant carpet that will maintain its quality—no matter how many children and pets you have!


Carpets need to fight back against whatever your dog brings in and whatever food your toddler decides belongs on the floor. There are a couple main carpet types that maintain their quality best.


Synthetic Fiber Carpet


Alright we know that choosing a carpet is an investment. And, choosing the perfect carpet that meets your family’s needs will take time. Drastically narrow down your choices by going with a synthetic (as opposed to ‘natural’) fiber carpet.


Let’s narrow it down some more.


Nylon is a high resistant carpet choice, and a great one for homes that have toddlers, pets and teenagers spilling and stomping on it, regularly. Nylon carpets are very sturdy, as the synthetic fibers hold their shape well, and especially in comparison to other materials, such as the loop style Berber carpet (which can easily snag). While nylon may be a bit higher in cost than other fibers, it offers a longer lasting color—even in high traffic homes.


Polyester Fiber Carpet


There is an overwhelming number of stain-resistant carpet choices. You can rest assured that polyester is a great choice. A carpet made from polyester fabric is stain resistant, and has a softness that other carpets don’t have. It holds up well for busy families that want the inviting feel of carpet, without sacrificing quality.


Let’s Talk Colors


If you need new carpet in a play area or a high traffic hallway area, you’ll do better to look for a medium shade. An neutral color will help you keep your carpets looking new and be less prone to staining.


While it may be obvious not to put down white carpets in the hallway, you also want to be weary of dark carpets. What’s wrong with dark carpets? A lot of dark carpet can absorb light from the room and they can quickly fade in the high-travel areas. Plus, when dark carpets are stained, you might have a harder time lifting the stain because you can’t use any chemicals that might lighten your carpet. 


Protecting Your Carpet


Picking the right type of carpet for your home is difficult! Don’t make the mistake of missing out on carpet protection to make the carpet last longer. Routine professional carpet cleaning every 6-12 months extends the life and durability of your carpets, especially when Chem-Dry adds Protectant.


When you need them clean, know that Old Dominion Chem-Dry has a unique hot water extraction cleaning system. It’s trusted by the nation’s top carpet manufacturers to deliver a deep clean that will maintain the appearance and performance of your carpets for years of use.


Good luck with picking out a carpet! If you have questions about the best carpets to keep clean, contact us.