5 tips to keep your family healthy this flu seasonIt’s time again. The winter is here, and with it comes cold and flu season. It might seem like its impossible to avoid getting sick this time of year, but there are some things that you and your family can do to avoid getting sick. Here are our best tips to keep healthy in the winter.

Get Your Flu Shot

One of the easiest and most effective things you can do this flu season is to get a flu shot. The flu vaccine is modified each year to adapt to this season’s flu strain, so it’s important to get one every year. Some people worry about the negative effects of flu vaccinations, but they have been proven to be effective at preventing the flu with minimal side effects. 

Wash Your Hands

The flu is spread through germs in the air and on the surfaces that you touch every day. One of the best ways to avoid getting sick is to get rid of the germs you pick up all day by washing your hands. Scrub your hands well. Imagine that you are a surgeon going in for surgery and in between your fingers, the back of your hands, and even under your fingernails.

Clean Your Home

Even if no one in your family is sick, you probably go outside your home during the day. While you’re out and about, you pick up germs for everyone around you and then bring them home. Think about all of the surfaces you touch regularly, especially when you just get home. Your light switches, door knobs, and other surfaces are covered in germs. Be sure to wipe down all of the touchpoints in your home with a sanitizing wipe. Don’t forget about the other surfaces in your home, such as your furniture and carpets. Those soft surfaces tend to catch and hold onto germs, so it’s important to get your carpet and furniture professionally cleaned

Wash Your Hands Again

We’ve already touched on washing your hands, but it’s worth repeating. Washing your hands is the easiest thing you can do and you need to do it all day, every day. You cannot control whether people go out into public sick and spread their germs everywhere, but you can control whether you wash those germs off of your hands or you spread those germs to your mouth, eyes or nose, and get yourself sick. Wash your hands! 

Take Time to Exercise

Another way to avoid getting sick is to boost your immune system. Did you know that exercising can help improve your immune system? It’s true! Regular exercise will keep your body operating in optimal form. Exercising and being in good shape will help you recover from cold and flu faster and make you feel better all year long. Just don’t exercise when you are sick if you are having respiratory issues. 


You aren’t doomed to get sick this winter, you just need to take the proper precautions! At Old Dominion Chem-Dry, we’re wishing you all a happy and healthy winter!