the best flooring of petsIf you have the option to redo your floors or choose your flooring in a new home, you’re in a great position! However, your choice is made harder if you have pets. You might be wondering what the best type of flooring for your pets is. You want something durable that will hold up to your pets running around and scratching at it. Here’s a rundown of how well different types of flooring stack up.


Carpet is a popular choice but is known for not being great when pets are involved. There are many disadvantages to carpets when you have pets. Carpets tend to hold odors and are prone to stains, which is especially problematic when you have young pets prone to accidents. If your furry friend sheds a lot, carpet tends to trap pet fur and look dirty quickly. It can also be easily torn up by pets running around.

However, they are comfortable for pets to lay on, and they can dampen the sound of pets running around. Most people don’t find these advantages strong enough against the low durability of carpets, but it is something to consider.


Hardwood floorings are often beautiful, but they are usually too delicate for pets. Hardwood flooring can very easily scratch and stain, and it’s difficult to take care of these blemishes when they occur. They also absorb moisture and smells, so if your pet has an accident on the hardwood, you can expect to smell it forever. 

Of course, hardwood is a popular choice because of its beauty. You can lay down a more disposable rug to help resolve some of these issues, but many homeowners decide it’s not worth it.


Stone if one of the better choices for pets. This is because it’s very scratch resistant, perfect for pet claws. It also doesn’t absorb moisture, so if your pet pees on the floor, you can easily wipe it up. It’s also easy to sweep up any fur that may end up on your stone.

Harder stones are more durable than softer stones. A softer stone such as marble, while attractive, will require more maintenance, which some see as a downside.


Tile flooring is similar to stone and offers many of the same advantages. It is easy to clean, scratch resistance, and durable. Moisture doesn’t absorb into it so you won’t be left with odors.

The main downside to both stone and tile flooring is the fact that they are hard and cold, making for an uncomfortable place for pets to lie down. However, this problem can easily be solved by using throw rugs or pet beds.


When choosing a flooring surface for your pets, you can’t go wrong with either stone or tile.  Both types of flooring offer great benefits for pets and are very durable surfaces. The main difference will be in price and personal taste.  Both options are extremely suitable for pet owners.